Breastfeeding Through Growth Spurts

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Breastfeeding your growing baby As you can imagine, so-called growth spurts are an ongoing occurrence in babies. From a few days after birth through nine months old your baby will likely experience a series of growth spurts. When your baby is growing you may notice that he or she is fussier than usual.

Also, as babies grow they become hungrier. They may want to nurse more which is a good thing for both of you since the more you nurse, the more milk your body will produce.

Here are some things to keep in mind during growth spurts:

  • Keep an eye on their weight. If your child does not seem to be gaining weight or …

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Holiday Schedule

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Holiday ScheduleDue to the Labor Day holiday, Monday, September 7, our schedule has changed slightly.

Below is a list of our classes and group sessions for the week of Sept 7-13.

Also, The Lactation Connection retail store will be closed on Labor Day.



Baby & Family Suites Tour – Monday, Thursday and Sunday

Breastfeeding  Forum – Tuesday and Thursday

A New Beginning (Post Partum Care) – Tuesday

The Joy of Parenthood (Newborn Care) – Wednesday

Childbirth Education (All-in-a-Day Class) – Saturday and Sunday

Breastfeeding: Beyond the Basics – Sunday

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A Love of Reading Begins at Home

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Read Loud, Read Proud! Celebrate Read a Book Day With Your Family

Developing a love for reading begins at home and we have some tips for reading with your children:

• Create a special reading place. Keep age-appropriate books and magazines on shelves they can reach. Keep it organized and appealing. Change the materials often — add seasonal books, rotate different magazines and include books that relate to what kids are interested in or studying in school. For younger kids, try decorating the corner with your child’s artwork or writing.

• Make it a routine. Whether it’s right before breakfast or right before bed, set aside a special time every day to read. …

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